Module 2ri – Specialisation course in itinerant surveys for Snow observer – theoretical and practical module

Targets: a practical/theoretical module that allows participants to learn advanced notions on proper implementation of surveys and snow-weather measurements and snowcover stability tests along itinerant surveys in the open environment and subsequent filling of forms and reports according to AINEVA standards.
More in detail, the module provides the necessary advanced theoretical-practical notions for the assessment of local avalanche danger conditions and identification of avalanche problems on-site.

Content: in-depth study of snow mechanics criteria, methods for snowcover stability analysis and assessment through the use of stability tests with a focus on slab avalanches.

Duration: 1.5 days, for a total of 11 hours, with compulsory attendance (5 hours of theory + 6 hours of training on-site) + 1 hour for the written test.


  • secondary school diploma
  • title 2a –AINEVA Snow observer or a similar certified title, attained after passing the exam, equivalent title at least for 1 year.
  • full autonomy in backcountry skiing in mountain terrains of average difficulty (level S2 of the French Toponeige* rating system).
    Participants not equipped with backcountry skis (e.g. fitted with piste skis, snowshoes) shall not be admitted.

Required equipment: digital 3-antenna avalanche transceiver, shovel with telescopic handle and metal blade, self-rescue probe; appropriate outfit and footwear for hiking in snow-covered areas. Full backcountry skiing equipment.

Admission fee: euro 150,00

Next edition: date to be defined