The module 2a includes 4 distinct submodules and provides professional basic information on snow and avalanche subjects, referring particularly to the techniques for snow and weather data collection and avalanche classification.
The course duration is 5.5 days for a total of 44 hours, with compulsory attendance (26 hours of theory + 18 hours of practice on-site regarding the issues addressed during theoretical lessons).

The “snow observer” title is only issued to the users who have attended classes and have passed the final selective tests for the following submodules:

Module 2a-1 – basic module snow science and alpine meterology – info

Module 2a-2 – advanced module snow science and alpine meteorology – info

Module 2a-3 – module self-rescue and organized rescue in avalanche – info

Module 2a-4 – module observation and survey methodologies – info

The submodules can also be attended at different times and in different places provided that, for the purpose of achievement of title 2a snow observer”, no more than three years have passed between attendance at the first module and participation to the final selective test, under penalty of invalidation of the modules attended.

The submodules 2a1 and 2a2 can also be attended individually by anyone who is not interested in achieving qualification of snow observer, but who simply wishes to improve his knowledge of snow science and alpine meteorology. In this case AINEVA will only issue a certificate of attendance for the submodule he has attended.

It is not mandatory to attend the advanced module “self-rescue and organized rescue in avalanche” – 2a3” nor pass the related selective final test if the user already owns the necessary certified credits and the certificate of having passed the final practical test addressing this subject.

The credits related to the module 2a3 are granted to all those who own all the appropriate certificates (or those who have already undertaken training courses and have passed a final exam on these subjects).