Module 2a3 – Module self-rescue and organized rescue in avalanche

Targets: provide basic knowledge on PPE and self-rescue and organized rescue procedures.


  • illustration of the main personal protective equipment (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, Airbag) and their operation and use in the various steps of self-rescue operations in the event of avalanche accident
  • practical training in requesting for an organized rescue team, locating and retrieving people buried in an avalanche, and first aid techniques.

Duration: 1 day for a total of 6-7 hours, with compulsory attendance. About 2-2.5 hours of theory in classroom and 4-4.5 hours of practice on snow-covered terrain with short workshops based on the snow and weather conditions onsite.


  • secondary school diploma
  • autonomy in ski-touring or winter hike with snowshoes on mountain terrain of low difficulty (level S1.2 of the French Toponeige* rating system).

Required equipment: digital 3-antenna avalanche transceiver, shovel with telescopic handle and metal blade, self-rescue probe; appropriate outfit and footwear for snow-covered terrain.

Admission fee: € 70,00